Cross Country: Running Toward a Positive Mindset


Cross country team and coach receiving medals at the Homecoming Game.

Donna Rubio, Reporter

Selma High’s cross country team has had six meets so far seven more to go! Each meet strengthens the members’ ability to run further distances and have more determination. This determination gained through cross country is a skill that is applied in different aspects of the student-runners’ lives.
“Learning to have a positive mindset is not just important for me as a runner but on a day to day basis,” junior Jasmine Godinez shares.
Cross country is not a sport that’s focused on working together to get a team trophy. However, teamwork is more than just working together striving for the same goal. In cross country, the meaning of teamwork is to encourage each other in order to achieve personal goals.This sport is judged on the performance of each individual. At times, motivating each other is needed while practicing or during a meet.
“Cross country has impacted my life in many ways. The relationships you build with your teammates are always good to have because you are being surrounded by people that believe in you even when you doubt yourself,” Godinez adds.
Cross country practices consist of running up and down hills. The runners customarily run three miles every time they practice at the Selma Shafer Park. Coach Henson, however, does not overtrain the members of the cross country team.
“I don’t overtrain them. That is something I don’t believe in doing because they will train how they want to,” Henson states. Coach Henson allows his students to find the style that works better for them in running. This is something that permits junior Janet Martinez to improve steadily without it feeling unobtainable. Martinez pushes herself to new limits, but only where she is comfortable with.
“I look forward to seeing how much I can truly push myself to my full potential; how much I can progress physically and mentally,” Martinez explains
“Something I’ve realized and has allowed me to learn and even motivate me is that my only competition is the little voice in my head that wants me to give up,” Martinez states passionately.
Runners and even the coach take away a positive experience from cross country. The runners learn about the importance of a strong mindset, teamwork for the betterment of an individual, and create fun memories along the way. These memories are what have made Henson coach for 57 years now. A beneficial experience for everyone involved in cross country begins with a positive mindset.