Water Polo Scoring Towards Improvement


Junior Colton Bustillos blocks the shot.

Nico Colado, Reporter

The Selma High Boys’ Water polo team are more than halfway through their season. With a current record of 3-7, the team has faced multiple challenges but continue to strive through them.
“Season has started out rough, but from here on out you’ll see a difference,” Junior Matthew Mora stated. Playing his first season of the sport, Mora has been optimistic about his team and has grown to appreciate the different aspects of it.
“I wanted to play water polo because I loved and heard about the physicality, and I looked forward to getting in shape,” Mora shared.
Water polo isn’t easy at all, in fact it requires multiple skills in order to be successful. Strength, quickness, agility, and awareness are some of the several factors that make water polo such a difficult sport. In addition, struggles are bound to happen. Whether it’s personal, or team wise, what matters the most is how you respond and overcome them.
“Our passing isn’t the best right now, but we’ve started to work on it daily and we see the improvement in games,” Junior Justise Montoya stated. Justice has been playing water polo for over a month, and with little time his awareness of the sport has grown exponentially.
Like most things, water polo requires much practice and determination. Constant conditioning and skill training are what make up most practices. Depending on their schedule, the team mostly practices from 3:30-6:00 PM. Not only does the sport require hard work, dedication is a key component.
“Mostly everyone is new to the sport so that comes with a lot of learning moments. But we stay focused and continue to work hard every day,” Mora added.
Not only are the players new to the sport, but so is Head Coach Sultenfuss. Currently coaching her first year in the sport, Coach Sultenfuss is proud of her team and shares a sense of joy.
“Their dedication is very good. For the most part, all of them show up to practice. Their attitudes are pretty good. They can be a little goofy at times but they’re all polite and respectful hardworking kids,” Coach Sultenfuss explains.
Although being new to the sport, Coach Sultenfuss has had plenty of experience in the coaching field. As the head coach in tennis for over 24 years, Sultenfuss is glad to experience a new chapter and continues to work hard for her team.
How can you start playing water polo? Practice tends to start towards the end of summer, so reaching out to head coach Mrs. Sultenfuss or Athletic Director Randy Esraelian is a promising step towards joining.