Annual College And Career Fair Informs Selma High’s Students


Students exploring the different stands available in the quad.

Palak Tohan, Co-Editor in Chief/Co-Sports Editor

The fifth annual Selma High School College and Career Fair took place on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 from 6:30 pm to 7 pm. This event was designed to expose and promote college preparedness within our community and the state for students.
Over 49 colleges, AVID students, trade schools, future career pathways, and a plethora of other organizations were present to provide exposure towards helping students find opportunities available to them after high school. Students and parents were able to navigate through the event in hopes of finding new job opportunities or colleges located nearby. Students were also able to participate in fun raffles that included the chance to win a yearbook, giftcards, and more.
Ms. Vazquez, with the help of fellow counselors Ms. Anguiano, Mr. Galindo, and Ms. Garcia, was able to put this event together in hopes of sharing with students the many different types of options available after graduating.
“The goal was to promote college preparedness, and I believe we accomplished that because we had over 246 students present and many parents,” stated Vazquez.
Students enjoyed getting to know different opportunities available once they graduate.
Destiny Rivera, a senior at SHS expressed, “Yeah, this event is helpful. I do want to go to a four year college and this is helping me find more opportunities around us.”
Even parents thought this event was a surprisingly fun event that was allotted for knowledge of future readiness. A parent communicated, “I am finding it very helpful as it is giving us a lot of information for our children and their futures.”
Dr. Linda Vang, a SHS English teacher, said, “I think it’s wonderful especially because this event exposes students to a variety of college and career options. I love the student presentations by AVID. They always do a great job researching the colleges to provide good insight for the rest of our students.” She adds, “I would like to see more student involvement because this is such a relevant event and there isn’t as much student involvement, it’s a bit underwhelming.”
This was an evening filled with the ability for students to learn about what possibilities they have available to them.