Powderpuff Game Kicks Off Homecoming


Alyssa Vasquez runs through the sophomore defense.

Judy Romero, Feature Editor/Photo Editor

This year’s Homecoming dance opened with the Powderpuff football game, an event in which girls play football and the football players coach. The night was filled with teachers, parents and students showing school spirit.
Sophomores took the win this year against juniors with an impressive score of 8-0 . Although, sophomores came victorious, not everything was easy for them.
They had little to no practice as their schedules were always busy.
“We only had two practices to prepare for the game because we were so focused on homecoming floats,” declared sophomore Kennedi Carrasco. Kennedi played as a quarterback for the sophomore class.
Sophomores also found challenges in the field. They were short on signups and eventually had only a few substitutes to put in the game. “… we didn’t get breaks,” explains Carrasco.
The heat, lack of players and practices made this powderpuff game memorable for this class as they did not expect to win at all.
Even so, Selma High’s class of 2025 found immense pride in their win. Last year, freshman and sophomores weren’t able to compete in powderpuff. Nonetheless, even without experience, Sophomores were able to win against both juniors and seniors.
“It felt so great to win because we were the underdogs,” stated Kayden Berry. Berry was one of the coaches who helped train the girls for the big day. He recalls the most difficult part being having to explain football terminology to the girls and drawing plays out for them to follow in order to accomplish their victory.
With all this chaos, there was still more than enough room for this class to enjoy the moment and have fun. Their key to motivation was the cheering from both teammates and their cheer squad, which consisted of football players who were willing to show that they too, can be loud and bring good energy. This all didn’t bring them down. They decided to trust the process and just have fun.
“The easiest part was having fun,” admitted Daviana Chavez. Chavez remembers her emotions being all over the place as she helped her team win and have a successful game. She has recollection of feeling extreme adrenaline running through her body the entire game, leading her to have fun and have a good mindset.
Overall, this year’s powderpuff winners are sure to live with this memory forever. Not only did they win but they also earned the joy of being in school spirit and recognizing the joy of their class as well as learning to enjoy the moment.
“I’m extremely glad I got to participate in powderpuff. I definitely will be joining my next two years at SHS,” exclaimed Chavez.