Senior Sunrise: The Beginning Of The End


Seniors smile as they watch the sunrise at Staley Stadium.

Masielle Pantoja, Reporter/Social Media Editor/Webmaster

As the class of 2023 begins their final year at Selma High, seniors gathered at Staley Stadium for the traditional senior sunrise in a way of celebration. This event presented itself on August twenty-third at five forty-five in the morning. It was a way for the community of seniors to collectively celebrate this heart-warming, yet poignant moment of their last year.
“Being able to finally go to senior sunrise was a bittersweet experience because I have been looking towards it since freshman year but that means our last year is here,” explained Cori Weaver.
Senior sunrise provided donuts and drinks that all the seniors were able to enjoy with one another while they conversed about their past memories at Selma High. Picture backdrops were also provided for picture taking. Many of the students came to the event dressed in pajamas or casual clothing to wear in the cool morning. Some students brought blankets and chairs to enjoy the moment comfortably. To capture this moment with one another, students took pictures or videos with friends to start their journey of memories for their senior year.
“I hung out with my friends and got to make some memories that I will carry after high school,” expressed Rudy Garcia.
Many students expressed how these memories will last a lifetime and how this is just the start of long lasting memories for their journey of their final year as a Selma High Bear.
“I think every big event this year will be lasting for me. I’m really just trying to soak it all in, senior sunrise definitely created some core memories,” explained Samantha Zarate.
Despite this being a surreal moment for the graduating class of 2023, many of them are excited for this new chapter in their lives as they are finally seniors at Selma High. It’s the beginning of the end for the class of 2023.