A Rally to Remember


Judy Romero

Selma High cheer squad performing at community rally.

Judy Romero, Feature Editor/Photo Editor

This year’s Homecoming Jam took place on September 26th, and it was sure to be one that students will remember. The rally was accompanied by events like powderpuff, an impressive performance by Selma High’s cheerleader squad and more.
Selma High’s class of 2025 took this year’s powderpuff win with 8-0 against the juniors. The past few years powderpuff was known as a sport only for juniors and seniors. This year, however, sophomores were taken by surprise as they not only participated for the first time but also turned out victorious.
“It felt so good winning, because we all got into the game with a strong mindset and it felt good beating the upperclassman,” expressed Daviana Chavez, a sophomore who participated in the event.
Following Powderpuff, Selma High’s cheerleading squad came out to hype up not only students but parents as well. The homecoming event kept the girls motivated. Their coach, too, as she helps lift them up when things are low by just being encouraging.
The squad is happy to know all their hard work leading up to the event was all worth it even with moments of stress.
“At the end when everything comes together. It makes all of us feel joyful because we know that our hard work paid off,” commented junior cheerleader Alexis Viveros. Alexis recalls feeling more nervous than usual for that performance because it was more student based.
Teachers also participated in the rally. Mr. Filkins, Mr. Alvarez, Mrs. Nieves and Mrs. Carrillo all took part in the “Finish the Lyric” game. Thanks to Mr. Alvarez, he and Mrs. Carrillo won the game!
Homecoming royalty was not to forget. Selma High’s royalty was crowned at the event and were cheered on by students and parents. The underclassmen royalty for this year were Denise Trejo and Orlando Chavez, for freshman royalty. Alyssa Salazar and Andrew Rubio, for sophomore royalty. Daisy Hernandez and Elijah Vasquez for junior royalty.
“I felt a little weird at first because I don’t usually go in front of huge crowds. But, my friends distracted me and everything turned out great,” explained junior Homecoming Princess, Daisy Hernandez.
Daisy recalls having a great time with friends at the rally. When asked what her favorite part of the rally was.
“I liked seeing everyone get together and having a great time,” she said.
To end off the night, queen and king royalty candidates performed homecoming skits. The skits required the candidates to dance with their partner, as a way to promote themselves.
“Me and Izaiah had done at least two practices before the rally and we had to make a performance up by ourselves, and make our own music which was really exciting,” said Homecoming queen Makaira Chavez. Chavez was also an MC at the event, meaning, she announced the events occurring with two other students. She explains that although she is not used to talking to big crowds she loved the experience and was glad she was a part of it.
“I’d suggest to anyone who’s thinking about running, do it. It’s such a fun experience and you can make a lot of new friends on the way and get even closer to other students!” exclaimed Chavez.