We Owe Each Other Everything

Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

We are all humans. I am sculpted from the same molecular structure as Jax who lives five houses down from me. I am different from him, yet we share our collective souls. He is different from me, but we are both humans on Earth. 

We are both humans, but we are strangers who do not engage in conversation for the sake of our differences. We are both humans, yet we will never speak of our struggles unless we’ve known each other for years. 

Why are we like this? Matter of fact, we are all human, so why do we act like we owe each other nothing? 

I owe each and every one of you my heart. I owe you guys sincerity, honesty, and sympathy. I owe you love because we are of the same land, Earth. 

It doesn’t matter if I know you or if we’ve never spoken before in our lives. I owe you more than simple conversation. We owe each other more than that. This idea that we are all strangers until we have a conversation and therefore owe each other no means of sympathy or love is absurd. I am human and so are you. I cry tears at night, and I’m sure you do too. We both ponder what our lives will look like two days or two years from now. You look in the mirror every morning to see if you feel beautiful in the outfit you’re in and so do I. We are both the same, cut from the same cloth, made of the same consciousness. 

So yes, I try my best to share love and genuineness with every soul I meet because you are the love you embody. We are told and we are taught from birth that life is strictly only about ourselves and therefore we owe nothing to anyone. I see that a lot now, people thinking they don’t owe their friend a check up text or call or they don’t owe a random soul an honest conversation. Why are we like this? Why do we try so hard to convince ourselves we are not all in the same boat? Why do we shame crying in public when sadness and grief are normal and honest human emotions? Why do we feel that we don’t owe others kindness and sympathy when we too look for acts of love from others? 

Why don’t we, as collective souls and humans, look out and tend to each other with more compassion and empathy? 

We need to unlearn the concept that it is us versus the world. It is not. We should not attempt to take on the burden of the world by ourselves. We are meant to aid each other while simultaneously on our individual journeys. That is why kindness and love are so crucial in our daily interactions and conversations. Let go of the idea that you and I are strangers. We are humans, nonetheless, and we owe each other the truest forms of love. We are meant to nurture one another.

I owe you my best conversations, my happiest moments, and my saddest consolations. I owe each and every one of you love in some form of forgiveness or sympathy or kindness because who am I if not another soul finding her way through Earth. 

As humans, we owe each other everything and more because showing up for one another and exchanging genuineness is what keeps love and kindness alive in our world. 

We owe all our love and kindness and sympathy to one another. 

After all, that is what makes us humane creatures.