Senior Tips

Jorge Guzman, Reporter/Photo Editor

As our senior year is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to look back and see what we did right, and totally wrong. Listen here, class of ‘23, ‘24, and ‘25, here are some tips from, the senior class,  teachers, and me.


‘22 Seniors

  1. “Challenge yourself. Don’t be the average person.” Esteban Lopez
  2. “Have some fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously.” Roxanna Lopez
  3. “Ignore the haters, get the diploma and get out.” Reyna Diaz
  4. “Avoid all PDA please.” Emily Horner



  1. “It’s going to go by real fast, so make the most of it and enjoy it.” Mr. Machnik
  2.  “Remember that your senior year is going to go by fast, and you’re going to want to leave Selma, but cherish it. Your favorite parts of high school will stay with you forever so do everything you can.” Ms. Pena
  3. “Do your homework, and study for tests.” Mr. Mitchell


From Me, Jorge Guzman

  1. STUDY! I know sometimes confidence alone is enough to comfort us when walking into a test, but knowledge is the only better thing. 
  2. Meet the right people, and make the right friends. Those who can always make you laugh after a tough day or lend you an ear are great to have.
  3. Don’t take it so seriously. Sure grades matter and your future is at the palm of your hands, but go watch a football game, go out for lunch, and stay up late a couple times. You only get your senior year once.