Need Clean Kicks?


Nico Colado

Nico Colado’s amazing shoe transformation.

Lovleen Sahota, Feature Editor

If you are someone like me, who gets their white sneakers dirty on the first day, you’re in luck! 

Nico Colado, a current sophomore at Selma High, specializes in shoe cleaning. Nico started this business a little over a month ago, in hopes of acquiring an additional source of income. 

“I’ve always had an interest in shoes,” conveys Colado. “So, when looking towards starting a business that was my starting point.”

With the constant stress of school, extra-curriculars, and a new business, finding a steady balance can be a difficult task to withhold. 

“The greatest thing about having your own business is that you’re your own boss, “ elaborates Colado. “You can work around your free time to finish the job.”

One of Colado’s initial objectives in starting up his business was to build a professional Instagram page to be able to showcase and draw customers in. Although now accomplished, he still looks forward to growing his business

Nico shares that to anyone who is looking to start their own business, believing in yourself is essential.

“If you plan on starting a business of your own, you need to have that confidence,” expresses Colado. “Being confident in your work is crucial to becoming successful and without it, it makes everything a lot harder.”

You can find more about his business on Instagram @cleankicksbynico.