Bears on Campus


Abigail Baker

Mrs. Tackett

Abigail Baker, Reporter

Bears on campus: What celebrity would you rate a perfect 10 and why?


Senior girl & boy: 

Brisa Pacheco, “Mickey Mouse because he’s just perfect.”

Josh Ramirez, “I gotta say Doja Cat. Doja Cat is fire. She can sing, she can dance, she can rap, and her body’s like an hourglass, you know.”


Junior girl & boy:

Makaira Chavez, ”Okay Michael B Jordan because he’s cute, and I like his movies a lot.”

Aiden Gomez, “I would have to say Kevin Hart because the dude’s funny. Every movie he’s in is 10/10.”


Sophomore girl & boy:

Alyssa Vasquez, “I’d say Nick Jonas or any of the Jonas brothers. They’re perfect because they made my childhood playing as actors or even with their music. They seem genuine and fun to be around, and very caring with what they do for fans. Also, how they are in unproblematic happy married relationships. I’ve never seen any flaw in them. Nick Jonas is my favorite though just because he’s the most handsome. “

Justice Montoya, “Probably Summer Ray. Her personality is cool, she seems cool to hang out with, and she has a really beautiful smile.”


Freshmen girl & boy:

Kennedi Carrasco, “I would rate Selena Gomez a perfect 10 because she’s really kind, and I’ve always loved her music!!”

Irvin Prieto, “Kylie Jenner cause just look at her.”



Mrs. Tackett, “Chris Hemsworth… no explanation needed for obvious reasons. ;)”


Harold Wood, “Charlize Theron. She’s a great actress and she’s beautiful.”