Selma High’s Track Team Runs Toward Refinement


Photo contributed by Malachi Carrasco.

Participants of the track team gather around for a quick photo.

Lovleen Sahota, Feature Editor

On Saturday March 5th, the Selma High School track team participated in their first meet of the season at Fowler High School. This track meet was composed of different  events and was against multiple opponents. The team has since engaged in some tough competition and collectively aims to progress.

“Working as a whole and maintaining a strong sense of confidence is something the team is motivated to improve on,” expresses sophomore Emily Pallesi, who has her eyes set on achieving a five-foot jump in the high jump.  

The team members and coaches came into the new season with a positive attitude and set many goals. They work to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses in hopes of creating a better team every day. 

“My main focus for this year is for the team to improve from where they started from,” states Pallesi.

Sophomore Malachi Carrasco placed first in the Valley League section of highjump. He’s also top three at the state mark, jumping 6 ft and 6¼ of an inch. 

“My goal is that I continue to put in work and excel to my highest potential,” emphasizes Carrasco. 

Covid-19 has been a setback for the team’s participation size. 

“Although the team has definitely decreased, I believe that our team does have an acquainted unity among itself due to the small number of people that make up the team,” describes Malachi Carrasco.

Members of the team want students to keep in mind that there is a variety of choices for everyone. From running the 500m to giving it your best in shot-put, student’s can find what’s fitting for them in track and field.

On Wednesday April 20th, the team will be attending a CSL relay meet at CVC. It commences at 4:00 pm and continues onward. The Selma High track team embodies a positive mindset for the remainder of this season, and is looking forward to future events.