Selma High Percussion Drums Away


Photo contributed by Brian Rios-Gopar

Selma High Percussion gathers after their victory.

Nico, Colado

Since January, Selma High’s Winter Percussion has been working hard to improve and showcase their skills. The ensemble practices are from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, including rehearsals each Saturday. 

Winter percussion isn’t like your average marching band. It brings together musical, theatrical, and marching elements that create a very unique performance. With their season now being over, the students are appreciative of their experiences and fellow percussion members. 

“My favorite thing about percussion is hanging out with my friends,” explained sophomore Maya Garza. “Percussion helps me escape reality for a while so that’s something I really like about it.” 

Winter percussion isn’t just about making music, but creating a comfortable and fun environment for everyone.

“I joined winter percussion to be with my friends and to have experience with music,” sophomore Hannah Rodriguez explains.

“My favorite thing about winter percussion is the people and the instructors. They are what make winter percussion winter percussion, and they really make an impact on how everything works out,” Rodriguez adds on. 

Hannah’s primary instrument is the snare drums. However, this drum is only one of the many instruments used in percussion. Some instruments famously used in percussion are vibraphones, xylophones and bass drums. Whether it’s a drum or bell, each instrument is extremely important and can add unique touches. 

“My favorite instrument would have to be the cymbals,” states senior Bryan Rios-Gopar. “What the cymbals do is visuals. They have pretty cool music as well, but they are more well known for their visuals.” This is Brian’s first year participating in Selma High’s winter percussion. 

All performances require instructors, and fortunately Selma High has a great one. Ms. Jimenez has been directing at Selma High since 2014. Initially starting off as a front ensemble instructor, Jimenez has become the band director and director of percussion at both Selma High and Abraham Lincoln Middle School.

Ms. Jimenez shares her passion with her students.

“Their passion and ability to adapt is my favorite thing,” Jimenez shares. “We have had some difficult schedule changes due to the pandemic, extended rehearsals, additional rehearsals, long weekends! Passion leads to success. This year would not have happened if the students weren’t so passionate about creating music together.” 

Selma High recently had their last competition of this season on April 2nd at Sierra Pacific. Selma competed against percussion groups like Kingsburg, Hanford, and Madera. Ultimately finishing in first place.

”I feel like there is always something we might want to fix, but we did very well. We persevered and pushed through it and it worked out in the end.”