From March Madness to Bear Days


Jorge Guzman

Mamba’s Boy’s player Joel Calletano prepares for a shot.

Jorge Guzman, Reporter/Photo Editor

While many big name university basketball teams are having their yearly nationwide tournament for the number one crown, we here at Selma High held something similar. Throughout the week of March 14th through the 18th, several students formed their own teams and went head to head in an intramural basketball tournament.

The half court games consisted of two teams from a pool of ten facing head to head to win the tournament.

The matches were held at the tennis courts from the beginning of lunch to the bell, first to seven points would win. The first day of competition brought many students from across campus to spectate the on going “madness.”

“The first day was really entertaining and got everyone excited for the rest of the week,” commented senior Octavio Gonzales.

As the week progressed teams were being eliminated and others moved up the ladder until the finalists were set. Team Bears, which consisted of the Selma High varsity basketball team and Mamba’s Boys, a team of senior friends, found themselves fighting for the championship title. The last match was held in a more formal manner, inside the gym and as soon as the game commenced, crowds from both sides of the court shouted and cheered for the teams. To conclude March Madness, The Bears ended on top with a score of 15-6, securing the win 

“I was bummed we didn’t get to taste victory, but it was a great time, and I’m proud of my guys. Mamba forever!” exclaimed senior and Mamba’s boy player Joel Calletano.

This attention grabbing event was only the start of what’s to come starting Friday, April First. This day kicks off Bear Days which is an all week event organized by Activity Director Mr. Pallesi and the leadership team. The week-long event includes tug-o-war, lip sync battles, giant relay races and much more. Students will be able to form their own teams of 6 and compete in a school wide competition.

“The week before spring break is gonna be great!” exclaimed Mr. Pallesi, “Make sure to participate and let’s go to spring break having a great time.”

As the semester comes close to an end many staff, faculty, and students are working to make it memorable for all Selma High students.