Bears on Campus


Anastasia Drolette

Mr. Filkins

Anastasia Drolette, Reporter


What would you name your boat if you had one, why? 



Kennedi Carrasco                                    Brayden Brum

“Lil Yachty because I                       “Boat because that’s what 

want a lil yachty.”                                 it is.”



      Emily Pallesi                                          Malachi Carrasco 

“I would name mine Sunken          “I CAN SEA CLEARLY NOW because 

because it’s not sunken and no      it’s a dad joke and I like dad jokes.”

one would want it to sink.”



Alexis Orosco                                Miguel Ordaz

“Knot 4 Sail because         “Shelly because Shelly reminds

it won’t be.”                        me of the sea.”



Mia Harris                                   Exodus Rodriguez 

“Mia because                  “SS Gains because the dumbbells 

that’s my name                will never leave me.”

and it’s fire.”



 Mr. Filkins                                                                      Ms. Plascencia

 “DJ Stinky 911 because…                   “The Sunken Ship because I wouldn’t want to name it               

it’s complicated.”                                      after my kids and it sink or burn or something.”