Boy’s Tennis Racks Up the Season


Owen Wenter

Abigail Baker, Reporter

This season, the Selma High boys’ tennis team is not only thriving with  individual accomplishments, but also all together as a team. The team plays every match with  high hopes and new goals to look forward to. 

As the boys tennis season continues, the team goes on to persevere and have a positive outlook on their upcoming matches. Coach David Cortina, who coaches both boys and girls tennis for Selma high, says that he feels very confident that his team will continue to give every match their best.

“The biggest goal is always a simple one: Don’t be last,” he states passionately.

The team looks forward to exceeding and focusing on what needs to be worked on to help them in future matches.

“Each year is a different challenge in understanding how each player learns,” Cortina emphasizes. “Patience is a big thing that needs my constant work, but having a strong fundamental base is always something to be worked on,” Cortina emphasizes.

Owen Wenter, a four year tennis player for Selma High, shares his experiences with this season being his last. 

“Some differences in this season compared to previous seasons is that our varsity team is older, and so we have had more time to play together and understand each other as teammates,” he states.

Some things Wenter looked forward to for this season was being able to enjoy his last year playing tennis at Selma high with great teammates.

This year the team has the upper hand because they are more experienced all together. 

The Selma High tennis coach agrees by adding, “The team’s strength comes from the experience the players have.” 

Owen goes on to state his record for this year by noting, “My record is 6-2 for season and counting pre-season, I am 9-3. I think I am playing pretty well, but I could be doing better.” 

When asked about some struggles he finds himself going through, as well as, some positive things that influences him, Owen shares some great entail.

“There are always many struggles when it comes to this sport, and it is normally mental struggles,” Wenter explained. My main struggle is playing Kingsburg’s number 1 player who is a foireign exchange student from France. Something that positively influences me is being able to learn more by playing against better players.” 

Wenter also adds that he joined the team in the first place because he always found it fascinating and so instead of playing his usual sport, baseball, he tried out tennis and has, “stayed with it,” ever since.

Along with Owen another four year Selma High tennis player, Kyle Moore, shares his feelings and record from this season. 

“My record for the season is 3 – 2—I think, I don’t keep track too well. I’d like to think I’m playing pretty well, “ says Moore.

Moore also stated that he noticed a few differences in the season with it being his senior year. He says that he has gained more of a relaxed sort of feeling this time around, and out of the past three years that he had played, this was the least stressed the players have been as a team.

“Getting ready for my life after high school has put a lot of pressure on me, and I hope that doesn’t show in my performance, but teammates help keep me calm about it all, and I hope I do the same for them,” Moore adds.Moore had played tennis casually over the years, but never considered joining the sport for the school until his friends convinced him to, which is his main reason for participating on the team to this day.

“I was really looking forward to our Kingsburg games, not just because of school spirit, but I also know a few people there and was excited to see how they’ve grown in skill,” Moore commented. “I’m looking forward to seeing that growth in my teammates as well.” 

This season has also come with many great memories and highlights, one specifically that made a mark on Coach Cortina.

“The biggest highlight is beating CVC as they’ve been the top school to the bears for years.”

The team shares great bonds and brotherhood between one another which allows all the players to keep striving for greatness which is clearly being accomplished.