Boys’ Soccer Reflects As The Season Ends


Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

The Selma High Boys’ Soccer team lost its match against McLane with a score of 4-1. This loss was devastating as this was a semifinal match for the title of Valley champions.Instead of focusing on their shortcoming this season, the team revels in their success and hopes to improve next season. 

One of the team’s main season goals was to beat Fowler for the championship title at the Fowler tournament. They achieved this, as well as beating Dinuba twice during league games. The team also went undefeated in their league, the Central Sequoia League, securing first. 

“Unfortunately, our goal of becoming Valley champs didn’t go as planned, but I am still proud of how far we came even after our loss to McLane in the semifinals,” stated Jayden Valdez, the team’s center midfield defender. 

The team  fell short against McLane and found it hard to play as a team due to the tension and pressure. Had they won here, the boys would have played Fowler for the Valley championship, a team they had already previously beaten twice. 

I was very confident in my team, and I know that if we would’ve gotten through, we would’ve had a good chance at winning it all,” explained Coach Zamora, who has been coaching the varsity Selma High boys’ soccer team for five years.

Even with not achieving every goal, the team acknowledges their areas of improvement. 

“Team chemistry was a huge improvement,” commented goalie Cesar Rocha. “Every guy on the squad understood their role and how to fulfill it.” 

In Rocha’s eyes, the team played well together and understood each other’s needs in the game because they were bonded on and off the field. Their friendship went beyond the sport.

However, the team does reflect on the areas where they could have performed better. 

“We could’ve improved on our communication on the field, position discipline during the game, and ability to finish the game,” explained Valdez. 

“[The goal] we just couldn’t get our hands on was the Valley championship,” said Rocha. 

Even with these shortcomings, the team still secured third in the Central Section Division, and are proud of it. 

“I’m proud of everything they achieved, winning the Fowler tournament, winning the CSL championship and making it all the way to semifinals,” stated l Zamora. “But most importantly on how they became men at the end of the season.” As a coach, he is proud of his team  and the barriers they broke this season. 

Overall, the team hopes to become better and stronger for next season, but are still acknowledging their strengths and successes this season.