SHS Blood Drive 2022: A Drop For You, An Ocean For Someone Else


Art by Denise Venegas.

Nico Colado, Reporter

Selma High’s annual blood drive took place on March 2nd in the main gym. From 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Selma High partnered with the Central California Blood Center to help out our environment. This year’s event is a competition between Selma and Kingsburg High to see who can collect the most pints of blood to be donated. 

What are blood drives used for? Blood drives are very important and used for several reasons, according to, “Blood is essential to help patients survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries.” These drives help bring people together to help out the community.

Blood drives are constantly run throughout the nation to help out those in need, and with your help a quick and easy blood draw can save up to three lives. With our nation facing its worst blood shortage in over a decade, every volunteer and pint of blood truly matters.

Students at Selma High are given the opportunity to help out those in need.

“I wanted to participate in the blood drive because I know that it can help impact someone else’s life for the better. I hope to continue to give blood even after this event because I know it’ll serve a better purpose,” senior Brooke Machado explains. Another participant who looks forward to donating blood is senior Josh Ramirez. 

“I have always loved helping out in giving blood as a family member of mine in recent years has needed to receive blood. It’s scary knowing that hospitals are short on blood so if I can save a life just by giving one pint, I would do so in a heartbeat,” Ramirez states.

Not only is this blood drive beneficial for others, Selma High helps make it fun as it is a competition between two rivalry towns. Enjoying these events help cause awareness for them which is extremely helpful. 

“I hope others see the people participating in the drive and want to do it as well, which leads to more lives being saved in the future. I also hope I can be an encouraging figure in order to help out with giving more blood,” Machado adds.

Leadership teacher Mike Pallesi and the leadership group were in charge of this event. As the head of the leadership group, senior Denise Venegas was optimistic going into this blood drive.

“I hope to see the community come together to donate blood especially since there is a huge shortage. I always enjoy helping Selma High out as ASB board representative, and Mr. Pallesi is very supportive of our work.” Venegas states.

If you are interested in helping out this cause, visit or call your local blood centers.