Selma High Presents Clash of the Classes Rally


Lovleen Sahota.

Participants take part in Hamster Ball soccer.

Lovleen Sahota, Feature Editor

Selma High held its annual Winter Rally on February 25th, after the two-year gap of not being able to due to the pandemic. The rally included performances from Selma High’s Cheerleading squad and Los Paisanos, the Selma High Mexican Dance group. This celebration allowed many to share laughs and create new memories. 

“I admired how well-planned the event was,” expressed Erin Ramming, who teaches Math 1 and Math 3 Honors. “It was great to see the activities on a larger-scale.”

Before Covid, rallies were held in the gym, allowing people on the stands less exposure to the activities taking place. Whereas in the stadium, it is spacious and people from the stands are able to view the event through a better lens. 

The theme of this event was a competition between the classes; dubbed “Clash of the Classes.” 

With a DJ playing music and activities being present, the rally was a hit. The activities included: an obstacle course that had multiple areas of tasks to overcome, Hamster ball soccer, the Cupid shuffle, and the Wobble dance to complete the rally. 

“The Hamster Ball soccer was a great addition,” stated Activities Director Pallesi. “It was in this activity that I heard the most cheering and saw the most smiles.”

Although each class had its own decorated and assigned section in the stadium bleacher, classes worked together, the Freshmen and Seniors teaming up against the Sophomore and Junior classes. The rally was organized by the Leadership class and Activities Director Michael Pallesi. 

“Leadership worked immensely hard to pull this [the rally] off,” explained Pallesi. “They had started planning right after Winter Break.” 

Leadership put forth their best work and planning to make this event possible and successful. 

“The most enjoyable to me was the Mexican Dance performance,” states sophomore Jeannette Aguiler. “It was amazing to see how they were able to execute their dance so perfectly.” 

In preparation for the rally, Los Paisanos had commenced practice on January 7th to achieve the mixed dances that were presented the day of.

The Rally was set in order to promote student interaction, school spirit, and give students a break from their academic lives. 

Having school shut down for over a year did place a toll on the spirit of students and staff, yet the rally allowed for students to enjoy themselves and gain a sense of unity amongst one another.