Fashion Column: Frolicking in Skirts


Sakshi Palav

Diana Garza in her outfit.

Diana Garza and Sakshi Palav


With warmer weather comes spring outfits. However, since the mornings are relatively chilly, outfits need to account for both the cold air in the mornings and the warm weather following lunch. My go-to, and absolute favorite, outfits for this type of bipolar weather are maxi skirts. Long skirts are a staple during this season because your outfit has a spring feel to it because of the flowy skirt, but you can also wear tights under it so you don’t freeze to death in the morning. Maxi skirts are the pumpkin spice of spring weather clothing. 

Here, I am wearing a maxi skirt with a tank top and cardigan. This is my favorite maxi skirt because it has a slit while also having flower print. It’s the perfect spring skirt with its vibrant flowers and green tones. I paired it with a black tank top and green cardigan because the top matches the black skirt while light green contrasts the dark skirt and top with its pop of color. I also decided to wear platform Doc Martens with bows as shoelaces. I feel like the bows add a hint of I’m-Ready-For-Summer vibes, while also subtly complementing the gold necklaces, earrings, and rings I paired with the outfit because of its yellow underlining. Bows and dainty jewelry always elevate a skirt outfit because it adds a more put together feel to it.   

Maxi skirts are cute, simple, and you can look fashionable while still being warm. They also make you look like a cool art teacher, so that’s a bonus… if that’s the way you float.



It’s difficult to decide what to wear nowadays. Can I throw on a hoodie, or will I be melting by third period? With so much weather instability, I can never leave the house on time. However, a good spring go to can always be a skirt. 

My black skirt is decorated with white flowers, and tights are a good way to stay warm in the cool air. Since the skirt is high waisted, I cropped my shirt to give more definition to my figure. A band tee is the perfect way to add color to your outfit (and if anyone asks you to “name five songs” simply laugh, say you don’t like the band, and walk away). I always try to match my long sleeve to a repeating color in my top, so I chose a white turtleneck. It’s a small accent, but it ties together an outfit’s color scheme. Also, for those chiller days, turtlenecks are definitely the way to go. 

I chose my black Doc Martens to complete the look, and they never fail to disappoint. Finally, don’t forget accessories! The small necklace is cute against my shirt’s black background, and sunglasses’ are a power plus.

In the end, wear what makes you confident. Because honestly, all my outfits are just an excuse to wear my platforms, which in turn make my ego soar.