Selma High Welcomes Sophomore Counselor Mr. Galindo


Mr. Galindo recognizes the flags of the various schools he hopes his students will attend.

Denise Venegas, Reporter/Photo Editor

Selma High welcomes its newest staff member, Patricio Galindo. Mr. Galindo is the sophomore class counselor but has been working for school administration for six years. With inspiration from Mr. Wright, Mr. Galindo found the motivation to pursue counseling on his old high school campus. 

“Mr. Wright really changed my life for the better,” he states on the matter. 

The nostalgia of working at Selma High gives him confidence for the future. Attending the Marines for four years allowed Galindo to travel the world from Hawaii to Afghanistan. After the military, he found that he still had a passion for school and pursuing his dream job of becoming a social worker. Six years of hard work paid off when he was awarded his master’s degree.

“I see myself working here in the long run. Every morning I wake up and the excitement to go into work draws me in everytime,” mentions Galindo.

Though Mr. Galindo has only been in the district for four weeks, he has aspirations and hopes for his career on campus. His military background gives him the encouragement to “move up in the ranks and perhaps become a director in the near future,” he remarks. 

His goal is to limit the barriers which are keeping students from achieving their own goals.

Being the new person at work isn’t easy, but Galindo mentions how welcoming and filled with opportunities Selma High is. 

“Wherever you go in life, there is always going to be change. It’s what you do with that change that shows how proficient you are,” says Mr. Galindo on the difficulties of coming to a new campus.

Despite the circumstances, Mr. Galindo continues to shine as the new sophomore counselor at SHS.