Selma High’s Boys’ Soccer Team’s Road to Success


Nico Colado

Gio Segovia is seen dribbling down the field

Anastasia Drolette, Reporter

Selma High’s boys’ soccer team is starting this season off strong. Their first game against Hanford high was a great way to show this league what they have in store. They were able to defeat Hanford with a 2-1 score. This first win boosted the team up with confidence and determination for their future games. 

So far, Coach Zamora has guided the boys towards a record of 11-2-1 .Just last week the boys won their most recent game against Hanford West, the score coming out to be 2-0. 

“The team won first place in the Fowler tournament by beating the host team, Fowler, with a 3-2 score in the final game,” Coach Zamora expresses. 

Through these continuous wins, we can see coach Zamora’s great impact on the team’s success. Not only has he been so victorious already, but he is eager for more. 

However, the coach is only part of the equation. The Selma High soccer boys have pushed hard this season despite challenges that have come their way. This year alone, sports teams have been continuously shut down and lots of players are going through tough breaks at home, not being able to play in games or practice with their team. 

“Covid has certainly been an issue,” Coach Zamora explains. “It’s tough at times but we will get through them.”  With Covid-19 precautions, there are constant time dilemmas and difficulty with practice schedules. Even with constant fluctuations with schedules and Covid-19, the team stays resilient. 

This team of boys is strong and as Zamora proudly states, “[They have] great attitude and competitiveness.” 

Despite all of the challenges Covid brings to these athletes, the team is thriving and progressing as they learn through practices. 

“The team has shown lots of improvement throughout the season,” The coach states.

Even when they are defeated, the team views the defeat as motivation to work on improving the team as a whole. Through their “hunger to win” and “determination,” Coach Zamora only sees his team moving upward. 

“We are hoping we continue with the improvement and hopefully win the league back.” 

Great things are on the way for the Selma high varsity soccer team. With their last game being held on February 10th, the boys have a great amount of hard work to be done. However, with their positive attitudes and eagerness to defeat their rivals, they are progressing in the right direction.