New Year, New Semester, New Goals, New Principal


Ireri Mares

Dr. Pickle in his new office.

Ireri Mares, Reporter/Photo Editor

Marking 2022, Selma High now has  another new principal. 

Dr. Pickle, previously at Hanford High School, started his term this second semester.

Dr. Pickle has great hope for the school, and is filled with joy to be here.  

“I’ve been doing this for ten years….I love it,” Pickle expressed about being a principal.

The new principal has been in the high school education field for a while. He taught Science at Central High School for nine years, Physical Education for one year, was Science Department Chair, and was Head Coach of the Central’s Cross Country, Track and Field teams, before moving from teaching to administration. 

Dr. Pickle enjoyed teaching, but found meaning in administration. 

“I just thought [I] could do something at another level to make an impact,” he stated.

So he went to Sierra High School as Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, and then to Tulare Western as Assistant Principal, and finally Principal of Hanford High before arriving at Selma High.

“The experience of being in high school has really given me a web of knowledge,” Dr. Pickle claimed. He hopes to incorporate the knowledge he has gained working in school administration to help Selma High make great changes. 

“Good enough is the enemy of great, so we’re not going to settle for good enough,” Dr. Pickle expressed about his new role. “I didn’t come here to be good enough.”

He has “great” expectations for the school. 

“This campus [will be] the beacon of the town when I’m done with it,” Dr. Pickle exclaimed.

For him, excellence is the only answer.

“I’m your principal and the expectation is that I’m going to do great things, and if I’m not, come into my office and tell me,” Dr. Pickle stated. 

Unlike his current drive for success, Dr. Pickle revealed he wasn’t the best student when he was younger.

“2.42. That was my GPA in high school,” he revealed. 

It comes as a shock especially knowing his educational background, but it just supports his claim that anyone can be great. Success isn’t something you either have or you don’t. It’s alterable, something that comes with motivation and hard work.   

Dr. Pickle made it clear that he believes in “the relentless pursuit of improvement.” So, he hopes to inspire the student body to never cease  trying.

“Even the small steps will get you where you’re going, as long as you’re making small steps in the right direction,” he explained.

Dr. Pickle looks forward to an era of success during his time at Selma High.