Small Engines: A Look Into UTI


Denise Venegas, Reporter/Photo Editor

On January 20th, 2022, Mr. Moz and his small engines class were introduced to various opportunities his students could pursue. Peter Marquez of Universal Technical Institute (UTI), gave an overview on the program to not only students in the small engines class, but to others who found interest in the institute. UTI allows for a variety of specialized fields for technicians such as their Diesel Program with a duration of ten month training, or their Welding Program of nine months. The program provides housing for students ages 17-19 while they study on campus for four hours daily. 

“Students that go away for school are far more successful than those who stay,” states Marquez on the program. UTI has three locations in Central California. Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Sacramento all offer specialized training for the list of jobs that UTI presents. UTI allows for 35+ industry relationships for elective opportunities on specific car brands such as Ford, Honda, Yamaha, etc. Not only does UTI concentrate on sharpening mechanical and motor skills, it also builds character and team building skills.

“Once you understand the science behind the engine, everything begins to make sense,” says STEM technician Kira about engines. Those who have a passion for automotive vehicles such as boats, cars, motorcycles, etc, can find new career opportunities at UTI. There are no general education classes required, only a devotion to hands-on learning. 

“It’s a passion and an excitement that pays really well,” indicates Kira about UTI. “The job market and versatility is very important to consider as well.”

Many small engines students were attentive to the information given during the presentation. 

“Once you learn the concept of small engines with confidence, you can begin to build bigger ones,” Mr. Moz exclaimed. Even if you currently aren’t enrolled in an engineering class of any sort, you shouldn’t limit your paths for success.

“It amazes me how after we haven’t had this program come talk to the students in 8 years, the administration was really supportive in creating better opportunities,” declares Moz on the presentation.

“Small engines is important to me because we don’t just learn about how an engine works. We also learn various life skills with Mr. Moz,” emphasizes senior Cesar Rocha. 

If engines and hands on learning interests you, UTI may be a possible outreach to look into. More information on the program can be found at