Selma High Boys Backhand the Competition


Nico Colado

Selma High’s boys’ tennis gather up for a team photo.

Nico Colado, Reporter

The Selma High boys’ tennis team is prepared to start off their season. Their first match is scheduled on February 15th at Mt. Whitney High. The team is practicing hard and is ready to compete. Throughout this 2022 season, Selma High is going to face teams such as Washington Union, Hanford West, and Kingsburg High. With their first match coming up soon, the boys have several team and personal goals.

“I want to improve on my backhands and slices, and hope to make a good run during the playoffs,” says senior Arthur Fuentes. “I feel pretty confident, a lot of the major players who beat us last year are gone so I feel we have a better chance.” This is Arthur’s third  year playing tennis for Selma High. 

When it comes to being a good team, challenges and setbacks are bound to happen.

“Our biggest challenge we’ve faced so far is breaking out of bad habits, whether it’s from our technique or other parts of the sport,” explains two year player Rishim Jhutti. 

Although being faced with difficulties, the team overcomes them with their unique and positive qualities. 

“The comradery among these players is awesome. They love to joke around, but when it comes down to me and Coach Cortinez telling them what to do, they really get down to it. They know the game is competitive but they’re having a good time playing,” Coach Casarez says passionately. 

This is Coach Casarez’ eighth year coaching. After starting to coach for Selma High with the girls’ tennis team, he was asked to stay and coach for the boys’ team as well.

“We’ve had some great practices, we have a lot of returning and new players this year! As far as this season is concerned, we’re really eager to go,” Coach Casarez explains.

“There’s more to tennis than just hitting a ball,” explains Fuentes.

Tennis is a very fun sport, both to play and watch. If you ever want to start playing the sport, Senior and four-year player Owen Wenter has some explanations and tips on the sport. Firstly, the shots. 

“A forehand is when you are using your dominant hand to swing your racket with your palm facing the opponent,” describes Wenter. “A backhand is when you are using both hands on your racket, with your dominant hand facing the other direction. A volley is a type of shot when you are at the net, its an offensive position as it is a finishing move” 

Equipment-wise, it’s really not too complex.

“To play tennis you just need some good court shoes, a tennis racket, tennis balls, and someone to play against,” continues Wenter.

With playoffs starting in April, the boys have several matches to improve and prepare. Fortunately, the team has a family bond which benefits them and their skills.

“It feels like a family atmosphere, no one tries to go after each other and it’s just a fun environment to be in,” states Rishim Jhutti. 

The team is ready to compete and looking for a chance to win it all.