Boys Basketball Makes a Slam Dunk into Playoffs


Abigail Baker

Sophomore Roshan Dail shoots and scores a 3 pointer at a home game in a rivalry game against Kingsburg.

Abigail Baker, Reporter

As Selma High’s boys basketball season progresses, so does their talent and drive which will soon take them one step closer to playoffs.

The team is currently 12-8 and its consistent defense has allowed them to grow and perform on a new level. According to Coach Johnny Vargas, the team is trying to improve their offensive skills, shootmore three pointers, and become more confident in distant shooting. Going into this year no one knew what to expect, but Coach Vargas had strong confidence for this upcoming season.

“I felt pretty good with the group of guys we have going into the season, with having so many young guys on our roster I expected a little bit of struggle but I knew we could compete,” states Vargas

The team has tremendously grown, not only personally, but with teamwork and learning to depend on each other to work together. 

“I feel like as the season went on we built a lot of team chemistry together, in the beginning of the season we weren’t used to working as a team because of last year, due to COVID it didn’t feel the same,” sophomore varsity player Javon Hicks expresses.    

A main goal for the team this year is to advance to playoffs, Vargas informs us that they are only a few wins away from succeeding.

“Our main goal has just been to make it to the playoffs then see what we can do from there,” says Hicks.

Their season has been carried by the players’ connection on and off the court. Roshan Dail, a varsity starter for the bears, shares that a great strength for the team this year is their, “bond and brotherhood,” and he also stresses that keeping a positive attitude on the court at all times is what helps the team excel. 

“What keeps us positive during the season is when we see each other work hard and it pays off when we win,” explained Dail. “We also make sure that each of us feel loved and appreciate it so when we play we have a positive approach on each game.”

This positive mentality helps the team to strive for greatness and push their limits, along with enforcing bear pride around the school.

“Our plans for the season is to keep a winning streak and I feel very confident that our team can do well in playoffs and make our school and town proud. GOO BEARS!!” Dail expresses.

With this the team continues to have an open mind for improving and are looking forward to growing personally and as a team. 

“I’ve learned my potential and what I can do on the court, when I first started playing I didn’t know I could do the things I can do now, and basketball has taught me many things off the court like you can’t do stuff alone in life or on the court you have to have people in your life to help you and guide you.” Hicks says.

Vargas continues to keep a hopeful mindset and reflects that onto the players. 

“As a coach I continue to grow everyday, you always have to adapt to your roster. The highlight for me is coming into work everyday because this is a great group of young men!” explains Vargas.

With this season playing out, it looks like the boys mental and physical aspect of the game is what will help them thrive and play hard throughout playoffs.