Hopeful Beginnings for Boys and Girls Swim


Andrew Rodriguez

Varsity swim team gathers together for a photo.

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

The swim season began for both boys and girls on January 17th. Their first meet is going to be on February 17th at Sierra Pacific where Selma High’s swim teams will go against Sierra Pacific and Monache. Both teams are full of excitement for the start of the season and wish to accomplish their set goals. 

“This season I hope to break the breastroke record and improve in other events,” explained senior Malakai Chavez. 

The varsity teams have been hard at work during practices ever since January and are focusing to give it their all throughout these upcoming months. They believe they can all equally succeed despite their weakness of having a small number of people on varsity. 

However, even their weakness of small numbers has shown potential to be their greatest strength. Having a small number of girls and boys on varsity has allowed them to get closer and be able to support each other even in struggling times. 

“Most of us have been swimming together for most of our swim years and being on a team with some of your teammates, for so long, just really makes them become part of a family that you didn’t really know you had,” expressed senior Makayla Cuevas. “We all push each other to be our best and congratulate each other after a good race, and motivate and encourage each other when some of us have had bad races.”

Even Coach Wood feels the same, having watched them grow and refine their skills. He believes that their weakness is overshadowed by the fact that he’s anticipating that all the members of the team will do great on their individual performances.

“I expect to take at least 10 of them to the Valley Championships,” announced Coach Wood.

Coach Wood’s hopes and determination flows throughout the whole team. They all want to polish up what they can. 

“I really want to improve on my times,” sophomore Natalee Mares disclosed. 

Many feel that their passion drives them to do the best possible for the team. Although it does get challenging at times, they push themselves and still manage to have fun in the end. 

Senior Marcus Valdez can agree.

“My favorite part about swimming is the competition because even if it’s not a huge deal to me that I win, it’s still super fun to compete and show off your skill level,” voiced Valdez. 

All in all, the swim teams’ expectations are full of hope and vigor. They have a long way to the end of the season and they’re trying to make it count.