Los Paisanos More Than a Dance


Donna Rubio, Reporter

With an upcoming recital in December, the Selma High School Mexican Dance group Los Paisanos is practicing more than ever to give its best performance on December 4. 

Having three different regions with two dances each, class time is not enough for the beginners’ class to learn and practice the dances. Additionally, the beginners’ class has asked the Paisanos in other classes for assistance after school to be able to dance with partners due to the lack of boys in the beginners’ class. They have begun to practice after school as well to learn the various choreographies perfectly.

Daniel Echeverria, a member from another Mexican Dance class, expressed how he felt about staying after school to learn the beginners’ class dances. 

“It’s really not that difficult as long as you have an open schedule,” Echeverria explained. “It’s pretty helpful, especially to those new to Mexican dance. You make them want to keep going, and since this is my second year, I want others to go into their second year as well.” 

One of Los Paisanos’ dance instructors, Mr. Morales, shared what he wishes students to take from the Mexican Dance class Selma High School offers. 

He disclosed, “The tradition, the dances that reflect their traditional background is what I hope for them to learn.”

Along with feeling rejoiced by putting on an outstanding performance this December 4, the Selma High Paisanos are also enjoying other things that come with being part of the school’s Mexican Dance team. 

“It is better than physical education and it is fun to hang out,” sophomore Eileen Sanchez shared. “You get to dance, meet new people, and learn about regions and culture.” Feeling delight because of other things besides the choreographies makes members enjoy their experience even more, and the students are learning more than just the dances. They are learning more about the culture of Mexico. 

Mr. Bustos, one of Selma High School’s dance instructors for Mexican Dance shared that he has learned a lot from his experience as a teacher to Los Paisanos

“My experience has been that you’d be surprised of how many of the youth are actually interested in their own culture and learning more about their culture. Finding out that they can lear more about it through dancing is always fun for them. And it keeps them motivated to do better in school to be able to preform,” he states. 

From the dance instructors, to the students taking Mexican Dance for the first time, they’re all doing their best to showcase their dances that are filled with tradition. The youth keeping the traditional dances from all over Mexico alive, and the dances educating students more on their cultural background, shows the beauty of Mexican Dance.