Boys’ Basketball Bounces Back


Contributed by Yearbook

Javon Hicks defends the basketball from the opposing team.

Judith Romero, Reporter/Photo Editor

Basketball is finally back with this year’s first game being on November 16th against Reedly with an impressive win of  70-31. Not everything was easy for them though. Covid really struck the boys and their gym time. With the pandemic closing things down, they found it hard to have motivation and do their usual workouts.  

“The hardest part of the season so far was getting back into shape,” says sophomore Luke Machnik. 

Not just that but being back into in person school also means less time to finish homework and missing assignments. With practices ending late, some players find it difficult to get into the swing of things with both the sport and grades.

 Even with these difficulties the boys are more than happy to be able to shoot baskets and practice. They have great confidence in themselves and feel excited to be back. 

“I think the season will go great with a couple seniors and a lot of young guys who go hard every practice and have a winning mentality,” comments sophomore Javon Hicks.

They are all working hard together as a family to get their old chemistry back and beat what they think is their biggest obstacle, Dinuba. They still believe they have a long way to go but know the outcome will be worth it. 

Their hunger for victory grew stronger after not playing for so long and they are more than determined to all grow and learn as a team. With all their hard work and determination they are sure to have a great season this year and push through every obstacle coming their way.