College and Career Fair Brings Out Community


Jackie Martinez

Selma High students visit college representatives in the quad

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

On October 20th, Selma High hosted its annual College and Career Fair. College representatives, SHS students, and plenty of other organizations came out to present the neverending opportunities that students have during and after high school. Many students and parents took part in visiting the event to learn more about potential jobs and the chance to future academic success. They also got the chance to enter in fun raffles, earning prizes like gift cards or mini Jeter stuffed animals, and even get food from the taco truck that was provided for catering. Walking around the quad, students got to learn from college representatives and AVID students that gave details about their respective universities. AVID is a non-profit program that prepares students for college.

“I actually learned how to apply to a California State University,” Senior Exodus Rodriguez explained.“Going into the fair, I had no idea how to apply.They were very helpful in walking us through the process.”

Even parents felt that the fair was an exceptional occasion for students to learn more about what life could be like for them after high school.

“I feel very motivated to be participating here because it is material for my children to be inclined towards a career or university,” divulged parent Elizabeth Rodriguez.“I am very happy that there are these types of events.”

The College and Career Fair this year was organized by Nancy Vazquez, the 10th grade Learning Director, with the help of other Learning Directors, teachers, and Juan Alvarez (USDA liaison). Ms. Vazquez wants the best for the young community and took the time to arrange the annual opportunity for current and future students of Selma High. 

“Ms. Anguiano, 11th grade Learning Director, and I would stay late and come in during the weekends to work on the logistics of the event,” discussed Ms. Vazquez. “We hoped to provide all students with an opportunity to learn about higher education and prospective opportunities that are available in the public and private sector.” 

Students had the chance to explore and learn about the multiple lifestyles that could be possible for them after graduation. Overall, it was a successful evening for those who participated and those who organized.