Community Rally Brings Unity to Selma High


Denise Venegas , Reporter/Photo Editor

Selma High School had its  annual Community Rally on October 28, after two years of not being able to celebrate. The rally included excellent performances from Selma High’s Mexican Dance, Los Paisanos, along with the band and cheerleading squad. This event brought the people of Selma together and allowed them to share the experiences made that night. 

“I liked how everything was put together, and it all worked out well at the end of the day,” mentioned senior Jaqueline Muñoz.

The rally was organized by ASB Leadership and Activities Director Micheal Pallesi. Having school shut down for a year was hectic on the students and staff, yet everyone seemed to enjoy themselves out on the newly renovated Staley Stadium.

“I thought it was great to see the people of our community come and have a good time watching the performances,” stated Pallesi. “Everything turned out excellent despite how difficult it was putting it all in place.”

Aside from the performances, there were also fun booths and games administered by the Leadership class. Families were able to come out and enjoy themselves with the rest of the town. The concession stands and food trucks are always an excellent way of keeping the community happy. 

“Everything was actually really fun and memorable. It was a good way to start the Fall,” exclaimed freshman Daviana Chavez.

Not only was the community hyped for the rivalry game against Kingsburg, students and staff also showed their school spirit in the pie eating contest and bobbing for apples. Congratulations to Coach Logue for winning the pie eating contest and Kyle Moore for bobbing the most apples!

“My favorite thing about the Rally was watching people demolish pies and stick their heads in freezing water,” said sophomore Jasmine Godinez about the contests.

After a long year, the community was able to commemorate the events that occurred that night. Mexican Dance and band entertained the crowd while the cheerleaders welcomed the school spirit in the community. 

“It was really nice seeing the people out there in the stands enjoying the Rally. I personally liked the Mexican Dance performance because they’re always great,” added junior Alexis Orosco about Los Paisanos.

The Community Rally gave everyone a chance to show Selma High the appreciation and recognition the students and staff deserved. Everything was made possible by Mr. Pallesi and his Leadership class. 

“Anytime you have the opportunity to bring in the positive in this world full of negatives, you automatically take that chance,” stated Pallesi. “I enjoy seeing everyone having fun because it makes me feel accomplished.”

The public was able to spend the night enjoying the great performances as well as the food and refreshments being sold. It was a great day to support clubs and events, such as Key Club, which allows students to help out their community. The Community Rally brought unity to the students and staff of Selma High as well as the rest of the town.