Props and Chops

Victoria Juarez, Editorial Editor



  • Outfits for the cold. There’s nothing quite like wearing a turtleneck. 
  • Thanksgiving break. A week off for food and family.
  • Winter break. First Semester is over!!!
  • Sweater Weather: being warm but still seeing your breath fog the air. 
  • Rain. The smell of wet cement is one of the best smells in the world. 
  • Seasonal Food. Thanksgiving meal is shortly followed by the season of making tamales.
  • End of the year is coming. 2022 is the year that my New Year’s resolution will stick!
  • Winter Sports. Let’s support our student athletes.
  • Christmas spirit: Hot coco, fuzzy socks, and Christmas songs.



  • Finals are approaching. Say hello to extra all-nighters. 
  • Cold Weather. The cold means more illnesses.
  • No Foggy Days??? We need an extra hour of sleep. Especially when you can’t see outside.
  • College Applications are due. What was my Social Security number again?
  • Senioritis. I can’t keep missing any more assignments…
  • Bathrooms are still locked. I unfortunately have a small bladder 🙁
  • Buying Christmas gifts. I make 13 dollars an hour…
  • Flu Season. Please wear your mask.