Boys’ Water Polo: A Splash of Victory


Selma blocks a goal

Denise Venegas, Reporter/Photo Editor

As the school year progresses, the boys’ water polo team at Selma High continues to strive towards defeating the various challenges that stand in their way. Not only does it take strength to participate in the sport, it also takes patience and determination to push forward.

“It’s been a rough year,” emphasizes Coach Harold Wood “At this point just finishing the season is the objective!”

With the school’s closure during the last season of waterpolo, the opportunity to practice and develop new skills wasn’t available to the athletes. This forced the boys to come in this year with twice as much motivation for the season.

“The hardest part for me was having to practice with the new people on the team because we were already behind to begin with,” said senior Malakai Chavez.

However, the boys continue to find passion in their teamwork abilities. Working together to increase their strengths and limit their weaknesses, the team is able to suppress the obstacles Covid-19 has introduced to them.

“I think my favorite thing about being part of the waterpolo team is that we all get along with each other, and that really helps us out there in the pool,” explained senior Ahkishan Dale. “Communication is very important when we have matches because everything happens so quickly.” 

Most importantly, committing to actually wanting to work hard every day is what really makes these talented athletes victorious.

“Like any sport, the main goal is competition. The difficult thing was getting all the players into that mentality of hard work and dedication. Practicing everyday is what it takes to be good,” expresses Coach Wood.

Despite not having much luck this season, the team still manages to make the best out of their diligence. However, the team did excellent in defeating their opponents at Exeter High School with a score of 11-4. Hopefully, continuing to find the positive in every day’s practice will motivate the team and present them with their own sense of achievement.