Girls’ Tennis Rallying To Do Better

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

With the season nearing its end in a couple of weeks, the varsity girls’ tennis team has plenty to reflect upon. The team has lost 10 games and won once this season so far. Their most recent game was against Christian Valley School in which they dealt with a 9-0 loss. However, all the losses they have been facing doesn’t tarnish the team’s motivation to enhance their skills. 

“The thing I like about tennis is that even if you lose, the next game is new and you start fresh,” voices varsity senior Suzie Correa. 

Their relentless ambition got them a win against Hanford West where they won by 7-2 on September 9th. Then again, it has been their only recorded win this season. 

“Honestly, so far we haven’t been doing that good,” confesses varsity senior Esmeralda Garibay. 

The team has come to terms with the fact that they can do better and are willing to go the extra mile to do so. They practice plenty of times after school every week to give it their all at the next game they play. 

“The team works hard when it comes to practices and they are TRYING, which any coach would love to have,” expresses Coach David Cortina. “They’ve learned the fundamentals well, but they need polishing before they’re ready for more advanced skills.”

The team’s constant defeat doesn’t tear their spirits down. They stand right back up and continue on. 

“We all try to put our best foot forward, and we all work together and communicate the best way we can,” indicates Garibay.  

They all work together to try to accomplish their goals. The team’s motivation to improve themselves in the heated sport is what keeps them going.