Club Rush: A Step Towards Normalcy


Lovleen Sahota

Chantel Rodriguez and Alyssa Vasquez sign up for Book Club

Lovleen Sahota, Feature Editor

On September 24th, Selma High held its first annual Club Rush event since COVID-19 began.  This annual event took place during lunch time. Club Rush is meant to promote students to interact within the school and community.

Clubs that participated in the event set up booths and tables around the office with spokespeople in order for students to be able to know what the club was recruiting, be able to ask questions about the club and join on the spot if they wished to. Tables were set up in a “U” format near the student office, to make each club visible and more accessible to students. 

A few of the clubs that were participating in Club Rush were Key Club, FNL, Bible Club, CFA, Hiking Club, Feminists Forward, and many more. 

Returning back to school from distance learning, and being assimilated into a new sense of “normal” was difficult for most SHS students. When schools closed their doors in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a scramble to adjust to remote learning. Classes went online, school meal distribution became grab-and-go, and extracurricular activities and services were paused. Making this transition back to school harder. 

Taking this into consideration, Mr. Pallesi, Selma High’s Activities Director, aimed to make Club Rush an enjoyable and inviting event.

“I really just hoped for the best of the best,” said Mr. Pallesi. 

Pallesi aimed to make students feel better about themselves and hoped for clubs to better develop their character and accentuate their skills.

“Students being a part of something big and enjoying themselves while doing it, is just great,” Mr. Pallesi emphasizes.

Club Rush is an event that allows students to explore different opportunities.

“I wanted to join clubs to branch out and see the opportunities they have to offer, “ expresses junior Marissa Vasquez.

School clubs are also a great way for students to learn from each other, and make friends. Participation in clubs can cultivate and expand communication skills, foster creative thinking, and discover the capabilities one may have.