Senior Sunrise Minus the Sunrise?


Jackie Martinez

seniors huddle together to take a picture

Jacqueline Martinez, Reporter

As a Selma High tradition, the seniors this year met at Staley Stadium around six in the morning for Senior Sunrise. This event was held on September 24th and was a way to celebrate the near completion of their high school years. For many seniors, the event was a confrontation with the fact that high school is almost over for them.

“High school went by fast. Being here is kind of crazy!” confessed Gailiea Velazquez. 

Most students showed up in their pajamas and/or comfy clothes as the early morning chill enveloped them. Boxes of tasty donuts were provided by the student council. Students were capturing and making memories by taking plenty of photos while waiting for the sun to peek through the valley’s horizon. The only problem was that there was no sun to see rise. 

“I disliked that all the ash and pollution were preventing us from seeing the sun,” commented Aileene Lopez. 

Plenty of others felt the same.  

“My friends and I were waiting for the sunrise, but unfortunately we didn’t get to really see anything,” added Santos Abaloz.

The class of 2022 felt like it was just another morning with the only difference being having to wake up even earlier than before to get to school. Despite there being no sun to see rise for the seniors to enjoy, being there with friends and acquaintances still made the moment special. Sharing a moment in life where change is so close and near connected to all the seniors.

“Seeing people now that you went to elementary with and have known since middle school and just seeing them with the whole Senior Sunrise just takes you back a bit,” realized Velazquez. “Like woah. I am here right now. I am growing up.” 

All things considered, even though the Senior Sunrise failed to deliver what was expected, the seniors still got to share and experience an event filled with the bittersweet realization that their high school years are near over.