Food and Fun at Selma High’s Tailgates



Leadership gathers at tailgate

Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

Finally open to the whole community, Selma High’s new stadium is inviting students back for Friday night football. However, the fun doesn’t begin at the stadium doors, but rather in the high school quad. A new series of tailgate events are being organized by Selma High Leadership in order to rally students in support of the football team.

In between the band room and dining hall is the stretch of grass where the tailgates take place. 

“It’s a school based thing so we can get everyone together,” explained sophomore Abigail Tela, “Anyone can come.” 

Tela is a Leadership member who’s working toward unifying Selma High. So far, there has been free food, games, and face painting at the tailgates.

“I sure hope students liked what we did, so we could try to make them even bigger,” said Activities Director Mr. Palesi.

Although these events are facilitated by Leadership, the idea was proposed by the student body. The purpose is to rally students and get different demographics together before the football games.

“I think it’s pretty beneficial,” added Tela. “At the last tailgate, football players were out there, FFA was out there. Students should step up their game and come have fun.”

There will be one more tailgate before the football season is over, but the date is yet to be decided. Take advantage of this chance to make memories as a Selma Bear.