Selma Bears Girls Basketball


Lady Bears Playing a Home Game. Photo contributed by Brisa Pacheco.

Sakshi Palav, Co-Editor in Chief/News Editor/Co-Sport's Editor

As COVID-19 and the worldwide pandemic have led to many traditions and events to be pushed forward or cancelled, Selma High sports was also pushed forward. However, with COVID-19 vaccines and recent decline in the Fresno County COVID cases, sports have begun at Selma High. 

The Selma Lady Bears basketball team usually begins their season in winter. As sports just started again, this year they began their season in spring with a game against Lemoore where they won with a score of 64 – 54. 

The Lady Bears have played a total of seven games against neighboring schools like Sanger, Liberty, Lindsay and more. They’ve won four out of the seven.

With the pandemic, the girls didn’t have a preseason or a real league to participate in due to other schools not having teams during COVID. 

Regardless of this, the team simply looks forward to the opportunity to play. 

“Having been denied much due to circumstances over the past year—simply to play and appreciate the opportunity,” explains Coach Paul Romig when asked about what the team’s main goal is this season. Romig has been coaching for the Lady Bears for a total of thirteen seasons. 

Practice also looks a little different for them now. Regarding COVID-19 restrictions, they practice with masks on. Also, as their season is not usually during the spring, the team is not used to playing in the sun with the temperature in the hundreds outside. 

When asked about how the team thinks they’ll perform this season, they replied by stating how they have high hopes.

“Our goal is to, honestly, just do the best we can and improve the most we can,” commented senior Navanni Rizo. “Even, go on to the playoffs to win the valley, if possible.” Rizo has been playing basketball for six years and went on to explain how the team could be doing better, as they are adjusting to the four new players they acquired this season. 

Junior player Brisa Pacheco also adds onto the need to adjust. 

“So far it has been a lot of mental mistakes which have caused us three games and activating that switch for all of us,” Pacheco explained. She believes that the team has a lot of potential to get better as a whole and be prepared for all obstacles they face. 

Currently, the team has an overall ratio of 4-3, with their next upcoming game being against Selma rivals Kingsburg. Even though their season has changed from traditional ones, the Lady Bears aspire to overcome the disturbances and play with dedication.