Girls’ Tennis Finds Unity in Adversity


Dash Pandher sets up for a hit.

Lovleen Sahota, Reporter

When the pandemic broke out in March 2021, all sports were postponed. However, sports have come back to a state of normalcy within the past few months. Although the pandemic has altered aspects of life for many, it has heavily impacted athletes.

With the coronavirus, the most significant change we’ve had is our seasons have not only moved but also merged,” emphasized Dashrit Pander, Captain of The Girls’ Tennis team. “Previously the girls played in the fall and the boys at the beginning of spring. Now we’re playing together at the end of spring, which is a little jarring,” 

“COVID definitely has impacted the team. We didn’t have enough time to prepare for the season. Plus conditioning time was lost.” Coach Sultenfuss further elucidates on how this pandemic has affected players’ performances.  Within every team, there is a  possibility of bettering themselves.

“Our reaction time is a little slow and we need to work more on consistency and footwork,” enunciated Coach Sultenfuss. 

Along with the struggles of the pandemic, the girls’ have had a great season. Just recently, Selma High’s girls’ tennis team’s season came close to an end. Their latest game was against their biggest rival, Kingsburg, on May 11th.  The record of this spring season for girls’ tennis is 3-8. Amidst these trying times, The Lady Bears have embodied a driven and optimistic perspective. 

“Playing tennis has brought back an important social outlet in my life, ” expressed Captain Chloe Mendoza. “ I missed seeing my friends every day at practice and having fun at away games. I’m grateful to have a senior season.”

As the season is concluding, the team has done an outstanding job on the court.  

“We had fun this season.  I have an amazing group of girls that work hard and always have a smile on their faces,” added Coach Sultenfuss. 

Dashrit Pander further includes, “We were thrown a curveball and we’ve adjusted as best as we could, and haven’t let it shake us.”

Through countless hours of practice, filled with focus and determination, the Lady Bears prepare for a league tournament on May 14th.