Boys’ Tennis: All Out, All Game, All season


Lovleen Sahota, Reporter

The boys’ varsity tennis season is officially coming to an end.  The resilient Bears have won five games and lost nine. Their most recent game was against rival Kingsburg on Tuesday, May 11th. 

“It’s been really amazing to be with the team now and being able to learn more and to show how much we’ve improved since last year,” stated senior Anthony Gomez.

Improvement oftentimes not only betters the team but develops them to become more efficient.

“The only thing the team can improve on is just themselves. The main benefit is that we are a young team in our league which mostly consists of seniors,” acknowledges Coach Cortina. 

With the season slowly ceasing, Coach Cortina shares his opinion on the team’s overall performance.

“I feel as though most of the players know that they could’ve done better. Their self-confidence and competitiveness is something that needs to come out in them,” expressed Coach Cortina.

The future of high school athletes’ performance has been in question for many players amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the lockdown in March 2020, high school games have been put on hold, impacting athletes’ performances’ in different ways.

“The pandemic has slowed down my performance in tennis as I spend less time on the court,” explained junior Sameer Desai.                   

Conversely, Gomez voices, “It wasn’t hard to get back on track, it was actually easier than I thought it was going to be and I have improved so much in such a small amount of time.” 

Through all the challenges being faced with this year’s pandemic, the Selma High School Varsity Boys’ Tennis team continues to keep their heads up for their tournament on May 14th.