Baseball Season Comes to a Close


graphic by Edward Rosario

Edward Rosario Arriaga, Reporter

This year’s baseball team has had a wonderful season in terms of team development, sportsmanship, and their ability to be resilient and keep the game going, even under the unprecedented circumstances that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented. 

As the season comes to a close very soon, their record at press time  is 4-8. 

In order to prepare for the baseball season the boys have had daily practices after school where they work together as a team to improve game strategy, batting techniques, and build eachother up to make themselves a better team. To ensure the safety of all students and staff members, social distancing, masks, and limited audience at games are being enforced. 

Despite their efforts, the transition from school closures to being on the field presented a struggle for the teammates. 

“For most of us, we hadn’t touched the field in a little over a year. Coming back in such unusual circumstances left us all a bit confused,” expressed junior Exodus Rodriguez.

Although this might be the case for the team they are still hopeful for a successful turn out of the season as long as they have the ability to do it together. 

“Our hope for this season is to win together as a team, but most importantly have fun while doing it. What’s the point of playing baseball if we can’t have fun?” states Rodriguez. 

This new experience of having the season occur during the global pandemic has allowed for team members to step out of their comfort zone and grow as players and individuals. 

This year being on the team has taught me a lot. Not just about baseball, but teachings I could apply to my life. It’s helped me develop as a baseball player and as a person overall,” says Rodriguez. 

The season will progress for the remainder of the school year but will come to a close within the next month, players also await eagerly as their season recap and finals come to a close as well.