Seniors Celebrate Their Last Year at SHS During Senior Sunrise

Edward Rosario Arriaga, Reporter

On Monday April 12, 2021, all Selma High School senior students had the opportunity to gather one last time to mark their return to campus as their last year of high school quickly goes by. 

Previous to this event, a Senior Sunrise was conducted in a virtual formatting over zoom due to school closures, but now that Selma Unified has commenced in a hybrid learning class schedule, an in person Senior Sunrise was held to emulate the regular senior experience. 

Senior students were able to share breakfast and lounged together on blankets as they were encouraged to round up with friends and peers to be able to witness the rising sun to symbolize the start of their senior year. Social distance protocols such as the use of masks and social distanced seating were enforced at all times to ensure the health and safety of all students and school faculty.

Seniors were very excited and happy to be back on campus and socialize with their friends. 

“I enjoyed being there with my best friend Brianna, her presence is what brightens up my day,” expressed senior Gisele Caballero

Other seniors took this event as an opportunity to plan out other exciting senior activities. 

“I really enjoyed going [to senior sunrise] and talking to my friends about prom and graduation as I was able to see my friends for the first time in a while,” stated senior Francisca Vasquez. 

After a year of online learning students were able to celebrate and enjoy their time together as graduation and senior sunset, which marks the end of the school year, quickly approaches.