Girls’ Soccer Shoots for Success


Diana Garza, Co-Editor in Chief/Webmaster/Co-Sports Editor

Girls’ Soccer kicked off their season on March 27, with a game against Orange Cove. They have since played Reedly and Immanuel among other schools. For months the team was unable to play or even practice together, but they didn’t allow that to dwindle their spirits. 

The tight knit group practices every day for an hour and half. Their hard work is noticeable in their team record of 5-1. 

“At practices you will always see the girls working on technical skills and possession,” explains Luis Zamora, the girls’ soccer coach.

Possession of the ball means to keep the ball close to you and among your team. This is vital to construct the strategic plays that have produced great victories for the girls’ 2021 season.

“Our strongest aspect as a team is our movement of play,” adds team co-captain Sofia Orosco, “We create great plays with the ball and have a lot of heart on the field.” 

Orosco has been playing soccer for 13 years, and this will be her last year with Selma High.

It [soccer] has given me an outlet from reality, has taught me to work hard, and to earn everything I want,” Continued Orosco. 

With everything going on in the past year, the team is just thankful to be back on the field. For so many student athletes, their sport serves as a form of release. Now that they’re able to play again, simply enjoying the game is more important than anything. 

“I didn’t think a season was going to be feasible this year due to the pandemic,” expressed Coach Zamora. “For the girls to have a season after the year we have all had I am grateful for it and want us all to enjoy it.”

Not only does the team have a healthy relationship with soccer, but also with each other. Trusting your teammates as well as moving in response to each player is vital in the sport. 

“The best thing I’ve taken away from soccer is how you can make a difference big or small,” says junior Aileene Lopez, “Everyone has an effect on current events and we can use that to change for the better.”

On the field each player’s decision impacts the rest of the game. Soccer isn’t just about making the right plays, but about doing the next best thing and adapting to what’s around you. 

The team’s last game was against Kingsburg, on April 22. The season will continue through the end of May. Until then the team will continue to work hard and play with their hearts.