Softball Bounces Back Better Than Ever

Julianna Colado, Co-Sports Editor

As I’m sure we all know, COVID has affected everyone and everything including high school sports. Due to the pandemic, all sports were postponed at the start of the fall semester. Fortunately, sports have come back and athletes are slowly but surely reaching their normal state of chaotic student-athlete life. The Selma High’s softball team has jumped back after a long period of uncertainty for the season, and is in the process of rebuilding their skills for another successful season. 

The girls are 3-3 in wins and loses so far and are prepared for their upcoming competition. 

“Our biggest opponent is definitely the kingsburg, but we’re ready for the challenge,” stated junior Jadyn Hurtado. Hurtado has been a varsity starter on the softball team since her freshman year and plays outfielder. 

The Lady Bears know the importance of attitude and mindset and have expressed this in their athletic performance. 

“We work very well together and get things done when needed. We also put up a good fight to any team that challenges us,” explained Marissa Vasquez, a first year varsity member who plays catcher and outfield.

As there is always room for improvement, the lady bears acknowledge their strengths and weakness in works of building a better and stronger team everyday. 

“I think one of our weaknesses is our lack of pitchers. Although we only have a couple of pitchers, we work with what we got and still show up with an amazing offense and defense,” said Hurtado. 

“We definitely outshine other teams in the way that we are super competitive and don’t like to go down without a fight,” adds Vasquez. 

“Our team strength is hitting. We have a deep lineup that will produce a lot of runs. We need to play good, error-free defense and compete into the later innings in order for us to go deep into the playoffs,” states Coach Tapia. 

Although this season has started off in an unexpected way for the girls softball team and other sports as well, hopes and goals remain alive as they push the lady bears to keep their heads up and stay motivated throughout the season. 

“I’m most excited to see how far the team will go. I think we got a great shot to go far and hopefully we will get there,” says Hurtado.

“Our goal every season is to Compete every ending in every game. We are lucky to have a program with the tradition of success. Our goal for the season is to win League Championships and to win the Division II Valley Championships. The pandemic affected us in a preparation for the season, but every team in the valley went through that. Some of the girls who do not play around took a bit longer to get the rest off but other than that we have been ready to go and are excited to keep pushing,” states Coach Tapia.