Determined Tennis Girls Excel on the Court

Jashandeep Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

Girls tennis had started off quite differently with all that’s happening right now. COVID may have made the season a little different than before, but the girls are determined to do the best they can. The team as of now has two wins and six losses. 

“It started off exciting, but unusual to say the least, but we’re just focused on improving, making memories, and having fun” said Captain Chloe Mendoza.

The team is small this year, but has a lot of new players. There are currently five seniors on the team with three juniors, two sophomores and one freshman.

On April 20th, senior night took place and they played against CVC. The girls had lost as a team, but they put their work and effort into it. 

“I was sad we lost, but I was happy to finally celebrate all four years for the dedication of my spot,” said Captain Dashrit Pandher. 

“Senior night was bittersweet,” stated Chloe Mendoza, “It was sad to know that our season is coming to an end soon, but it was nice being honored with my teammates who I’ve played with for a long time.”

Every team always has their improvements to work on. Coach Sultenfuss had explained what they needed to work on and hopefully by the time of their game against Kingsburg, they’re up and ready to go. 

“The girls need to move their feet more and have less unforced errors,” said Coach Sultenfuss. 

They are always motivated to do great and have a great attitude. The team gets along great and are always there for each other. 

“One thing I love about my team is that they are thoughtful, caring, and respectful towards one another,” said Coach Sultenfuss. 

The team played Kingsburg on April 15th, and are going to play them May 11th for the last time this season. Kingsburg is one of the girls’ biggest rivals, and they have one more chance to get it done.