Selma High Athletics Honor Their Seniors


Juliana Ramirez, Editorial Editor

With sports back in action, rekindling  the motions of a normal year, the Selma High athletics have been honoring their seniors. The seniors of the football, cheerleading, and tennis teams were honored in their own sporting events. The football team gave a shout out to their senior class before their game against Dinuba on the ninth with cheer having their moment of recognition during half time. Both boys and girls tennis had their senior nights on the 20th during their games against CVC.

After watching graduating classes before them, the class of 2021 was glad to experience their moment in the spotlight.

“Experiencing a moment of recognition on senior night was truly exciting and will forever be a proud moment of mine,” stated cheer senior Daisy Ramirez.

To some, it felt like a full circle moment after years of putting in the work for the sport.

“It was amazing hearing your name being called and all the people cheering,” Varsity football senior Jason San Miguel recalled. “Realizing that all your hardwork has paid off, it was an amazing feeling.”

This event gave the athletes a moment to look back on their experiences and reminisce on their early days of playing with the high school.

“Some highlights of my football season were probably winning a valley championship,” voiced Varsity football player Jetz Ordaz. “Another highlight of mine was probably when I got my first interception. It was such a great feeling because it was my first pick ever, and all my teammates and coaches were all happy for me.”

Athletics have allowed growth for seniors who participate both inside and outside of their sport. 

“It’s allowed me to branch out more,” stated varsity tennis player Oriana Espiritu. “Tennis also allowed me to be more confident.”

Despite the ups and downs the pandemic brought this year, the seniors were still able to find the bright side of this unpredictable year.

“Despite this season being different due to covid, I am satisfied with how I am able to walk away from it,” Ramirez said.

San Miguel, like many other players, walks away from his season, “proud of the player and person [they] became by the time the season did end.”

As this chapter comes to an end for Senior athletes, they have a few words for their past selves who were first starting out with their sport.

“One thing I’d definitely tell myself is to keep working and have that mentality day in and day out because that’s what’s going to make you stand out to your coaches,” San Miguel stated.

Ordaz would encourage his past self to “give it your all and work hard because good things happen especially to the ones who work hard.”

The seniors of Selma High athletics don’t go unappreciated.  They end their seasons uncoventionally, but proud.