The Media You Consume

Adriana Rubio, Reporter

Let’s talk about a reply I, oftentimes, see in the comments of a hit social media post, one  that’s most commonly expressed under the awareness or opinion from an individual on a certain topic, usually political. A quote once mentioned to me, even.

“Be critical of the media you consume.”

This quote has always puzzled me. I never understood its relevance to the individual’s content, and it, quite frankly, “doesn’t sit right” with me. 

We, as a society, should definitely all be critical of things in general. The quote expressed in this instance seems to be specifically referring to wanting people to loudly denounce every bad aspect of their interest. It just seems to be less about thinking critically and more about an odd sense of humiliation. 

If I were to take this comment to heart, then I would try to separate  the good and the bad and weigh those things to ultimately make a decision about the media I’m consuming. 

In all, I’ve finally stopped attempting to justify myself about my opinions and interests formed by the media I’ve taken in. Let people develop their thoughts, opinions and interests on topics without underhandedly guilting those to align their preferences with yours.