Leadership Prepares for March Care Package Drive Through


Sydney Harrell, Reporter

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep students at home, Selma High’s leadership has devised a way to help students feel uplifted and supported during difficult times. Beginning in December of 2020, Selma High has held a drive-through care package distribution each month in order to provide students with snacks, school supplies, and some encouragement.

“We felt students needed some type of pick-me-up to help brighten their day a little,” says Mr. Pallesi, Selma High’s Activities Director.

Earlier this month, students were emailed a Google Form to sign up for these packages. On March 19th, those who signed up will be able to enter and go through the north student parking lot, give their name, and receive the packages. Upon arrival, students are also met with posters, balloons, and cheering from student volunteers to show positivity and support.

Planning for the event took place over Zoom calls and student-run group chats to discuss preparations.   Supplies were then ordered, and leadership came together to assemble around 200 bags to be given out to students. 

COVID-19 and the guidelines surrounding it played a large part in the planning for the drive through as well. In order to keep everyone at the event safe, the leadership team implemented measures to reduce contact and to maintain proper social distancing as much as possible. 

“The first thing we do when setting up an event is seeing how we can accommodate to fit the guidelines,” states ASB President Navanni Rizo. This includes limiting the number of those attending, the number of volunteers coming into contact with the cars, and wearing masks.

There were also a few minor setbacks the leadership team needed to overcome in order for the event to run successfully. First, there was ensuring there was no one “doubling up,” or signing up to receive a care package twice, so that as many students as possible can take part.

“We want to give everyone a chance to get one,” Rizo adds. “There’s been about 400 students who have received care packages, so we had to make sure those 400 didn’t sign up again.”

Leadership also encountered a scheduling conflict during prep for the drive through. The event was originally scheduled for March 12, but was bumped to the following Friday due to the district vaccine distribution also being held that day in the parking lot. However, despite the conflicts, leadership has stayed diligent in making sure the drive through goes smoothly.

“The leadership group has done a great job planning and making this work,” commends Mr. Pallesi.

 Additionally, ASB President Rizo thanks Selma High’s mental health advisors and two of the leadership students for their contributions to the drive through. 

“[The mental health staff] have helped us with certain items and have always been a helping hand along the way,” Rizo reports. “Two of our very own leadership students too, Chloe Mendoza and Ashneet Gill, have been a large part of the organization and planning of this event. Without them, this event would not be the same, or as great!”