Student Opinion: Mental Health – Getting Help Won’t Hurt


Jashandeep Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

In this world, there are many people who deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. Sometimes, we don’t even realize it because they’re so good at hiding it. These mental illnesses are found in all different age groups but where it mostly starts is when kids are in transitioning into high school. 

Mental health is very important. It affects how we feel, act, and cope with different situations. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you don’t feel right, but there are some people who’d rather hide what is eating them on the inside. Having a smile on the outside and feeling sad on the inside are one of the most common things teens go through. 

Kids often don’t describe how they feel and just go about their day. This is where the hard part comes in with the early use of drugs and alcohol. 

In an article titled, “Is Substance Use a Part of “Normal” Teen Behavior,” by the Partnership Staff from Partnership to End Addiction, it explains that “teens use substances to dull the very real pain in their lives.” This all begins to start from a young age. They tend to use alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism to get over something. In my opinion, I strongly feel that this is not the right thing to do because there are so many other resources who can help you. 

For them, it seems that sometimes their feelings don’t mean anything and other people won’t understand how they’re feeling. That’s why they think everything will just get better on its own with the use of drugs and alcohol when their pain is eased off. Using these types of substances will make it worse because you will get addicted and your brain will always turn to drugs and alcohol when you are feeling sad/anxious/stressed.

Once you are under the influence, it stays for a while, but then you go back to how you were feeling before. There is no point to going back to how you felt before. 

Therapists and psychiatrists exist for a reason and they will help you no matter what. The way you’re feeling is important to them and they will do anything to make you feel better. 

The use of drugs and alcohol to ease the “pain” from being sad isn’t going to help you. You are just going to go back to how you felt before.

You should always check on your loved ones because you never know what is going on with them. Letting them know that they have someone to speak to makes them feel a little better about themselves and will always stay at the back of their mind.