Webinar Highlights Healthy Relationships at Selma High


Isabella Porras, Reporter

The Student Leadership Wellness Committee held a webinar in collaboration with the Marjaree Mason Center on February 24th, centered around healthy and stable relationships. 

The Marjaree Mason center aims to protect and serve those affected by domestic violence by providing shelters as well as a wide variety of other support services. They are striving to end the cycle of abuse in Fresno County through educational talks, such as this one.

Taylor Franco, an education and prevention correspondent for the domestic violence shelter, shared an informative presentation about how to navigate different types of relationships. This spanned from respecting boundaries to understanding how relationships cannot completely fulfill you. As there is a stigma surrounding discussing relationships, and how to foster healthy ones, with teenagers, the Wellness Committee worked in partnership with school psychologists to normalize the conversation.

 While there are many topics surrounding mental health that could be talked about, domestic violence was an obvious choice for the students.

“We have been discussing various amounts of mental health related issues,” remarked Ashneet Gill, member of SHS’s Wellness Committee, “But February being teen dating violence awareness month, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to utilize the Marjaree Mason Center in order to raise more awareness for the cause.”

The presentation further went onto share the difference between family, peers, and romantic relationships, as well as how to communicate physical, emotional, and mental boundaries considering those different settings. 

Those who attended asked many questions, engaging with Franco throughout the hour. Attendees were quick to share how they would put the tips into action in their own lives.

“I plan on paying attention to my relationship more and if there is anything that needs to be fixed, to talk about it with my significant other and see what can be done,” an anonymous attendee expressed. 

The final question asked during the Q&A section of the webinar was, “What should I do to comfort someone in an abusive or unhealthy situation?,” to which Franco replied simply, “Be aware, and be there if/when they confide in you.”

Leadership’s mental health committee at selma high have been very active in their first year of being established. The group has organized school-wide care package pickups and have been filming the wellness video podcast, titled “Bear Talks” that is shown in class with the bulletin. 

If you are interested in getting involved with the variety of organizations that are partnered with the Marjaree Mason Center, visit the link knowmore.org