Covid Concerns Dominate SUSD Board Meeting

Jashandeep Gill, Kaleidoscope Editor

It’s been almost a year since students left school. March 13th, to be exact. Being online has taken a toll on many students and staff, and many of them are hoping to go back. 

Bringing students back is very important to the district. Many students have been unmotivated and have lost hope for going back to school. As of right now, Fresno County is in tier 1. Tier 1 is the highest in which it is widespread that it is minimal. 

At the February 8th board meeting, board member, Mrs. Jensen, talked about the differences between elementary schools and junior/high schools. She explained how grades K-6 is easier to organize than grades 7-12. Since the junior high and high schools have more students attending per grade, there are more struggles when it comes to planning a safe return for all.

Sports have also been affected by the pandemic, but are just now restarting on campus. SHS sports athletic director, Mr. Randy Esraelian, has given us some news on some sports going back. 

Swim and Dive has started practicing and has their first competition on March 17th. As for competing, it’s only one school at a time. Cross country has started practicing as well and will compete February 19th and 20th. After cross country is completed on March 27th, track and field will start. 

Boys and girls tennis will start practicing on February 16th. Their season will start March 18th. Lastly, softball and baseball will start at the end of March, if Fresno County achieves the red tier status. We have to get out of the red tier in order for this to happen. 

“It is really exciting to see student-athletes back on campus after school,” said Mr. Esraelian. 

One major setback is that no one is allowed in the stands, but the overall great part is that sports are starting to resume, and hopefully things will start to get better. Having athletes on campus is a good start and hopefully getting students back in class is next. 

This pandemic has impacted every aspect of school. 

According to the Fresno County website, cases are starting to decrease, so there is a chance for students to go back.